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Men's Underwear - Beyond the Boxer

Here's a quick test: how many styles of men's underwear can you name, without checking a catalogue? If you're male, and your list stops at "boxers and briefs", there's a whole world of sexy male underwear waiting to be purchased. Let's take a quick tour through the latest styles in underwear for men.
Just as in men's swimwear, today's designers of men's underwear are striking out into new territory. No longer are men limited to wearing boring white briefs, or boxers with zero style. Both briefs and boxers have been made more comfortable and stylish, featuring fabrics and colors to please the most fashion-conscious male.

Low-rise, no-fly, boxer briefs and "classics" grace catalogues once offering little selection. Men of all ages are now free to choose the styles that most suit their wardrobes and lifestyles. At least in the underwear department, men are finally learning what women have always known - that one style doesn't suit all.
But let's move our tour along to even more forward-thinking styles. Boyshorts, boardshorts and trunks are designs evolving from traditional briefs to meet the fashion demands of younger men. If cool, comfortable fabrics are a wardrobe must, you'll love the direction designers have gone with these fashions. Breathable fabrics like mesh, microfiber and Lycra guarantee these designs are always easy to wear.
But even farther beyond the boxer is undergarment territory once reserved for the brave of heart! Thongs in every color and fabric imaginable are appearing in mainstream underwear lines. These exotic garments offer men freedom, comfort and the chance to indulge the urge for something out of the ordinary.
You won't have to look far to find a wide selection of colorful, comfortable thongs. Department stores, online outlets and specialty shops are responding to the increased demand. Men's underwear may be behind men's swimwear in offering this briefest of apparel, but this minimal style is really picking up steam among male underwear shoppers!

One more area our tour should explore is the athletic underwear venue. "Active" boxers and briefs, sport briefs and brief supporters are readily available, as are traditional jock straps and singlets. Active men of all ages are pleased to have a wide selection of supportive wear that lets them pursue their chosen sport in comfort.
We've now finished our tour of the fashions men might find the next time they stop to pick up boxers. Once the domain of lily-white briefs, the men's underwear department is now a colorful shopping experience. If you haven't shopped for underwear lately, why not indulge your curiosity? Whether you shop online or take a trip to the mall, you'll soon find that men's undergarment styles have moved far beyond the boxer.

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New 2xist 2011 Neon Collection

 2xist  Neon Collection


Wow!! quicker than a ray of light, New 2(X)ist  men underwear zips into Spring 2011 with the all new NEON collection. Brilliant in both color and design, NEON reflects today's digital age- fast, smart, and assured

Constructed in soft-fle(x) cotton (90% cotton/ 10% spandex), NEON bursts onto the scene in vibrant colors like hibiscus, white, black, and Mediterranean blue in a variety of low-rise silhouettes. Each silhouette is further accented with neon piping elastics that add a bright flash for a streamlined, comfortable, and stretchy leg opening. Additionally, the new deep-v shirt shines as a bold, slim fitting option boasting a plunging neckline and neon-trimmed armholes. Go towards the light with 2(x)ist NEON.


New AussieBum Men's Underwear 2011

Man is a redefined, refined version of brief underwear that is stripped of heavy banding, classically masculine and timelessly sexy. Man has a supportive fabric, yet is light to the touch. The new age Man is no myth down under. He makes a statement simply and comfortably in his own skin.

D&G Men is Swimwear

Men  Swimwear


Customise Men Underwear for You Style

Underwear is the foremost clothing item used to cover the bare body. It is not only limited to cover the bare body, but also make the wearers feel comfortable throughout the day. And when it comes to mens underwear, most of the men spend a good time in selecting the underwear that should not only be comfortable, but also stylish and sexy. From a very serious business minded men to young and fun fashionable gay male to hetro sexual, everyone has its own style and choice.

It goes without saying that the men's undergarments have come a long way. And its impact can be seen everywhere as having contemporary style undergarments including sexy mens underwear is the first choice of men. This is not only because of making a new fashion statement, but also to feel comfortable throughout the day. It doesn't matter what you have worn to add spice in your personality? If you don't use quality undergarments, you will feel uncomfortable throughout the day and hardly concentrate on other works. Put simply, it is the single and vital undergarments that clear whether you are feeling comfortable or not.

Depending on your choice and clothing, marketplaces are flourished with a variety of designs and styles. Different types of undergarments including mens underwear from renowned brand names are available now. Whether you want sexy wear, boxers, low rise underwear, briefs, boxer briefs, jock straps, and men's throngs, you can get your desired one easily. With the growing demand of quality undergarments, numerous big names have come in the market. Sexy mens underwear from Baskit, C-IN2, Champion, Calvin Klein, Ed Hardy, Jocko, Hugo Boss, Mundo Unico, Triple XXX Unico, Wildman T, BumGear, Boqari, etc., are now available that you can select as per your choice. Sexy mens underwear are designed and manufactured by using high quality fabrics.
No doubt, mens underwear is the intimate clothing items. But, you will also find a number of men who don't care about the style, fitness and quality of the undergarments. However, this is not a good thing as it is the only clothing item that also helps in boosting your confidence. Therefore, it should also be selected without thinking about the cost.


Julio Capeletti

Julio Capeletti in Boxers  :  JAM  Mens Underwear


How should Mens Underware ?

should  Mens Underware
Most people do not take your time when it comes to fashion. Most children have only to draw a T-shirt and jeans. But first, he is perhaps the most difficult decisions of his time: Which is what I use? Although lingerie is attracting more attention, the right underwear to be important in humans. Pants not only find useful. They should also be something that can be convenient and attractive.
For years had sub-clothes men in white cotton, which is also known as "Whitey narrow been known written. This is acceptable when he was 7 years old, but adults have only bad habit. W─ůski whities won the stigma with older men not to win. If you do not impress the opposite sex. Fortunately, many different kinds of underwear for men in recent years has increased, which means that a person who wants to upgrade the laundry closet, a lot of options, and many well known brands, such as C-IN2 underwear n2n i.
Perhaps the most widely used type of underwear for young men is the boxer. Boxers offer a high standard of comfort of the people lose. Another advantage is that the boxers in various fabrics, cotton and polyester, are silk. You can also come in different models for fun.
Another way that is quickly gaining popularity in a boxer. As the name suggests, is a cross between a boxer and a short cottom. It is as narrow as fast, but still a bit "like a boxer. This style offers comfort to men, a boxer, the first of any support they need. Because it is so close, it is attractive to the opposite sex, such as boxers, but do not carry the stigma of a short cotton.
As the letter from the boxer is a style known as the torso. Boxer trunks a lot of great, perhaps a natural shot and he was "a bit of written pages of a boxer. This style is popular in Europe than in America, but is gaining in popularity because of its sensual nature.  Although linen is ideal for everyday use. Sometimes you need something more. Special circumstances may a person choose to go with something "sexier and emphasizes his profile a little" more. Style of the band. As a woman String Tanga for men contains a little backwards, and give a good seal on the front profile of the night. A more intimate style of the other environments, such as the Exchange today. Name, genital man locked in a bag, give a little more support and visibility in Nice.
There are many ways of the big wash. So many choices, everyone should be able to something that is comfortable to use, and visually is to find .

Marcel in men swimwear

Marcel in blue flower  men swimwear